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First off, thanks for all the comments on the blog lately, folks!  🙂  It’s nice to have some comments to approve…lets me know that I’m reaching my audience.  🙂

I should mention that in one of those said comments I approved last night, Stryder asked if I was doing DVD’s…I am!  Generally speaking, they run $30 ($25 for the DVD, $5 for postage); I’ve found that to be a fair price and comparable to what the other producers out there are offering.  🙂  The DVD’s I provide are, for the most part, listed in the “Full-Length Videos” section of the blog.  If you’d like to discuss it more…mail me at:

Secondly…a bit of a retraction.  It would seem that Dave misread the ad or article he read about the JJPrise…for now and the forseeable future, the Revell kit of the ship will be staying in Germany.  🙁  Apparantly the rights to produce it here in the States comes with a phenomenal fee or some such thing.  🙁  Ah, well.  🙁

For today…let’s see some Stacie Snow.  🙂


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