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Oh, brother.  Yet another backpedal by Micro$oft as that home-invading camera is no longer necessary for the XBOX One to function.  You still MUST buy it as they’re including it in every purchase…but now, if you don’t feel you want to plug it into your console, you don’t have to and the system will still function.  With all the backpedaling going on, you have to wonder how soon it’ll be before every XBOX One will come with a free blow job.  Mind you, I deeply appreciate that M$ is listening to consumers and changing to make themselves compatible to consumers, but sooner or later you have to make a stand on where you stand or look like a total jellyfish.  :/

That aside, I have two thoughts.  So, the thing will function if you don’t plug in a Kinect…yet the consumer is still forced to buy it by it being boxed with it?  The XBone would look a whole lot tastier to me if there were a non-Kinect bundle of the system available for purchase.  But…in doing that, M$ would look more jelly-like, to use my earlier euphonism.  😉  It does seem inevitable that this will come about tho…but with the Kinect costing as much as the system for them to make (that’s been documented), not including it at least would be a GREAT loss for them, money-wise.  In other words, I get why they’re trying to ram it down our throats…to recoup their losses.

The other thought is about all the reversed policies.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but who’s to say that all reversals won’t be reversed again once the thing is in everone’s households?  If it can be taken off, it can be put back on again.  Keep that in mind as you hold that XBone in your hands and are deciding whether or not to purchase it.  Me?  They did it once, they can do it again…the XBone will not be coming to my household.

Anyway.  Let’s get a Facebook-able shot of Kymberly Jane.  This sequence was shot to look like the poor dear was tied, gagged and shoved into a closet, but managed to open the door…can she get herself loose?


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