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Heya!  The weekend is upon us!  No work for a couple days…no mail for a couple days!!!  🙂

So.  Just came here from FetLife and their never-ending copyright debates.  It’s sad…people think that because they downloaded it from the net, they automatically think they can post it wherever they like; not so.  And that if you find it on Google Images, it’s in the “Public Domain”.  Not so.  Or that uploading pics to a “sharing” site like Tumblr, Flickr, etc is covered by that miracle-worker of a panacea known as “Fair Use”.  Again, not so.  Copyright is some fascinating stuff…I love reading about it all.  I just hope that FetLife continues it’s good work and doesn’t wind up like Tumblr…sued by someone who doesn’t think their DMCA procedures work fast enough.  I dunno where that’s at…the last info on Google about “Perfect 10 v. Tumblr” is admittedly a year old and with Yahoo buying Tumblr, it may have been settled out of court.

Eh; that’s just me, musing.  🙂

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