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I’ve been paying attention to my “needs” versus my “wants” WAY too closely of late, so today, I decided to slip a “Want” in for good measure.  🙂  All right…here’s a snap of the Enterprise kit I assembled and detailed not too long ago…


Now, have a look at what I bought today…


That kit in the background has been on my “want list” for a GREAT deal of time, and I finally was able to snag it.  🙂  If you’re wondering, the kit will finish out at 35 inches long from the front of the saucer to the back tip of the Nacelle…yes, that’s an inch less than a YARD long!  🙂  To say I’m excited would be an understatement; let me finish out the post with a few more shots comparing the sizes of these ships; I pulled the saucer out of the box to take these.  It’s gonna take me a LONG time to assemble this…heck, right now, I have to get all the parts out of the box and wash off all the factory nonsense left on the pieces before priming them for paint; that’s a “let them sit and dry overnight” process in and of itself!  🙂  Anyway…here’s some more shots; hopefully, this one turns out as good if not better than the first one I did.  🙂




Definitely a trip to the model (plastic ships) store in the offing for today.  Been saving up some cash for a special project, and today’s the day I go and get it.  🙂   I’m a touch excited; this is gonna be GREAT!!  Talking about great, have a look at Pantera.  She came over to take some shorthand for me and that sexy outfit of hers just got her bound and gagged…

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Pantera Noelle