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One last pic of the ship and I move on…


Yes, that’s my foot at the very bottom of the pic…whatever.  😛  Like I said last time, the parts have a “release agent” on them when they leave the factory…it’s how they get the parts free from the mold.  That had to be washed off before priming (warm water bath with Dawn dish washing liquid); this is the parts drying after that.  Note that the assembly covers my whole coffee table, outside of the paints, glue and such at the front.  If you’re looking it over, thinking, “Hey, Tolstoy; the Enterprise doesn’t have two necks and four nacelles” and such, remember that this is all the parts…everything comes in halves.  😉  Heck, the secondary hull is in 4 pieces, really.  I DO have two different bottoms to the ship…one is the original version and the other is for the “refit” version; I’ll have that spare once the kit is finished some months down the line.

Couple of quick measurements and I’ll move back to bondage…the saucer is 16 inches round; the individual nacelles are 17 inches long; crazy, no?  🙂  The ship I last built is at the front to give some idea of scale.  🙂

OK, so for some bondage…how about some Autumn Shaylee?  Gonna call her tomorrow and see what she’s up to…:)



Autumn Shaylee