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This is an Editorial…no pics involved…just for the sake of us having a little chat.  It’s also meant as sarcasm and general fucking around as I truly know the answer to this question before I even ask it.  But I’ve been reading about this stuff and am wondering what you all might think of it. (Link to read more: Stallone Kickstarter)   Kickstarter is a way for people with legitimate, real and worthwhile projects to get funding for them; I get that.  But the way it’s being abused of late…what with Stallone (who’s worth $275 million) helping the producer of a film “e-beg” for $250,000 to fund his next film (why doesn’t Stallone just become an investor, then?) and Spike Lee e-begging to get a project funded (he, a multimillionaire himself, raised $1.25 million for his latest project) , and SMOSH! Gaming (who’re worth millions) starting a Kickstarter to get a video game financed so they don’t have to risk their own money doing it…it all just got me thinking…

Why not a Kickstarter for

$250,000 to fund me for the coming years of shoots?  That’d be pretty sweet, really!  And it’s as noble a cause as a multimillionaire begging to get a film started when he could just fund it himself, no?  Yeah, I could just picture it…

  • Donate at the $10 level and I’ll do a blog post dedicated to you.
  • Donate at the $20 level and I’ll do the above perk and send you a cut-off piece of rope used on the model
  • Donate at the $50 level and I’ll send you the used pantyhose or stockings the model wore at the shoot.
  • Donate at the $100 level and I’ll do both the $10 and $20 perk and send you a printed out picture of the model one of my shoots
  • Donate at the $200 level and you get the above and the pic will even be signed.
  • Donate at the $500 level and you get to choose the model and positions for the shoot! (Congrats!  You just bought a custom!  :P)
  • Donate at the $1000 level and you get the above and a special, personalized short video from me and the model thanking you for your support.
  • Donate at the $10,000 level and, when you provide your own airfare, you can attend the shoot!!!
  • Donate the $100,000 level and we’ll do a 1 hour length bondage film you write and plot
  • Donate the whole $250,000…and you’ll get my eternal gratitude.  🙂

Oh, and it would, of course, be like SMOSH! Gaming’s Kickstarter…done up so that whether or not I reach the lofty goals of my project, I still get to keep any and all monies donated, naturally.  🙂

The above is sarcasm of the greatest kind and it’s not gonna happen.  I know my using Kickstarter for this would be an abuse of the system…tho, for all intents and purposes, it’s for people struggling to fund projects, and, like all of us producers of this stuff nowadays, I AM struggling a bit…  They prolly have rules in place to keep my industry from using Kickstarter for funding my kinda work.  It’s frustrating for me, tho, to see rich people exploiting the system for the sake of making themselves richer or getting free projects.  Yes, $250,000 will not completely fund the movie Stallone’s backing, and this Kickstarter is to replace the monies left by a retreating backer, I know…but the point is, he HAS the money himself.  The stars of the movie have the money themselves.  If they believe in this project THAT MUCH, why not work for scale or become funders of the project themselves?  They HAVE THE MONEY…by and large, the common man, who they’re going to for the money, does not.  It’s an exploitation of the system that reeks of passing of the buck on the grandest scale…and for all intents and purposes, it just reeks.  If the movie fell short of funding, let it die.  Or maybe, approach other possible investors that have the money and do this sort of investing normally…how’s that for an idea?  E-begging like this just REEKS…this is a sad, exploitative misuse of a system that actually does help people in need; multimillionaires do not HAVE the need.  :/

So…I wrote all of this just to get your opinions.  Should people who, by and large, already have the money they’re asking for from fans be able to use Kickstarter?  Or should the funding platform be only allowed by people IN NEED to use?  Do you think that Stallone, Lee and other big-name stars who use the platform (Did I read that Google page right?  Did the people who made the “Veronica Mars” movie REALLY get $5 million?!) are wrong to do so?  Is the exploitation of Kickstarter by the wealthy…or do even the wealthy have needs that KS can solve?

Use the comment box, my friends…let me know your thoughts.  🙂


EDIT:  Oh…dear…LORD.  :/  I did this as sarcasm, but went to do a search on Google of “Kickstarter Bondage” to see if, by chance, my blog post came up in the listings.  Oh, holy Hell…there’s already a platform for kinky people to fund kinky projects!    Mind…BLOWN!  Should I take one out?  😛  Reading more…

I feel like some Fallout 3.  🙂

Next week sometime, I’ll be seeing Autumn Shaylee and Dave Annis and we’re gonna rock some good times and do a small shoot.  🙂  Nothing extravagant,  I don’t expect to shoot more than 100 pics, really…but it’ll be fun nonetheless.  🙂  As for now?  How about some Sasha Fae?  🙂


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