All posts for the day August 31st, 2013

Lazy day today…may work more on the Enterprise; she’s coming along nicely.  🙂  Got her about halfway done…I have the saucer pretty much done and detailed (tho I still have more decals to add to it) and have the neck attached…now I need to hit the nacells and secondary hull.  Y’know…then the Next Generation ship had the ability to separate at the saucer, many criticized it for not being cool…that was planned to happen from the start.  🙂  Even Kirk’s Enterprise back in the 60’s was supposed to have this…there’s some details under the saucer where landing struts were even hidden under, I believe.  The difference was the “D” was the only one that could do the separation and re-attach…the other ships needed a spacedock to achieve this.

And there’s your Star Trek “geek” for today.  😛  Google “TOS saucer separation” if you want to read more…kinda cool.  🙂

As for now?  How about some Angel?


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