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Huh.  Bit o’ Facebook here…you can now “Like” posts here.  🙂  Interesting.  You also have the ability to make gallery pages out of lots of pics…gonna check that out as well.  🙂  Have a look at Magenta while I go play!  🙂

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EDIT: The “Like” button seems to be taking a bit to come up…or it least it is for my browser.  :/  We’ll see what the future holds.  🙂  As for the Galleries:  Check this: Bondage Babes



Two posts today…one about the flesh and blood models I work with, and this one, about the Enterprise.  🙂

OY, what a JOB this was.  It was fun, mind you…but the company gets a “C-” for the decals.  :/  Can you believe the smaller Enterprise (from the same company, yet) was easier to decal than this one was?  And the “Aztec” decals themselves?  I kinda wonder if this ship hadn’t sat on the shelf a while and the decals aged a bit…they were so faded compared to the other one.  :/  Aztecing is supposed to be subtle; these were barely noticeable.  They were also hard to work with…but that’s another story.  Still, I had a blast working on it…and tho there’s still some minor cosmetic stuff to do, I consider her 98% finished, hence the photoshow today.  🙂  Have a look!



Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Just coming here from FetLife.  Different kind of bizarre this time…I’ve NEVER seen management like the one at FetLife.

FetLife has an image-copyright problem…and a HUGE one.  Members post pics willy-nilly, in some cases even going so far as claiming the model to be them or the photographic work to be theirs.  It’s so funny seeing a pic entitled, “This was one of my favorite ties…He kept me in it for hours” and a ton of members, professionals or amateurs who just know the models saying, “That’s a shot of Eve Ellis by Devonshire Productions…did you really think you could get away with this?”; I have to chuckle.  Some members understand, others feel they can post whatever they want.

Management has said they’re going to do something about it and they are…but they’re also running a discussion on it all for more than eighteen pages of snarking back and forth between members about it with literally no input from Management on the issue.  It’s like, “Here’s the rules…discuss and we’ll talk more about it”…and then no talking about it with Management.  :/  Really?  That’s how you Moderate things?  Set up a forum for people to fight on both sides of the issue and just let them go?

It IS FetLife after all…do you get off on the drama?!  😛

I just have to roll my eyes at all the participants…”Come to bed, honey.”  “No, I can’t…someone on the Internet is WRONG!!!”  😛

Ah well.  Just Musing.  How about some Candle Boxxx to start your Monday?


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Candle Boxxx

*sigh and streeeeeeeeetch*

Just woke up.  Time to get on the ball and get things moving with a great shot of my other Stacy…Stacy Burke.  One of bondagedom’s most famous gals…I just wish I had been able to shoot woith her more than once. she’s an amazing lady!  🙂


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Stacy Burke