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Just a little something I heard over the net…the Stallone Kickstarter that I referenced in other posts reached it’s goal of $250,000 with 13 days left to go on the project.  It’s raised $264,000 to this point.  It was pointed out in the same article that the project has 251 backers to reach $264,339, which averages out to $1053 per contributor.  :/  The project wasn’t doing anything for days, then as it neared completion suddenly got fully funded within a matter of days…wow.  :/

I don’t know if I’m being overly critical by mentioning it or just following up on an article I started here before; take it as you will.  Someone on the net I was reading also made a good point about all of this; do donators have to pay now to see the movie on top of the donation they already made?  Seems to me if you donated $10-12 or more, you paid your price for admission already, yes?  Time will tell.  🙂

I just hope this doesn’t fall apart like another Kickstarter nightmare which I heard about that got me interested in KS to begin with:

Guys asks for $35000 to make a Cthuhlu-themed version of Monopoly, gets $122,000 from backers…quits his job, moves to Seattle, and cancels the project.  :/  It’s not as shady as I’m making it seem here; the person involved has sworn to get the money all paid back, and the Internet will prolly hold him to that…lol.  This case, it seems to me, is a case of someone who thought he had all the costs rounded out when he came up with a project goal, and the project was bigger than he expected it to be.  Even tho he got a ton of money, he underestimated what he would actually need…tho the move to Seattle on Kickstarter funding is questionable at best.  :/  Read the article about it…I’m making this out to be much worse than it actually is…lol.

For the sake of saying it, the project got picked up by another company.  Tho they’re not gonna pay his debt off for him (good), they are going to produce the game for the people who’re interested in it.  🙂

As I understand it, they bought the PROJECT, not it’s bad juju.  🙂  Hearing shit like this makes me leery of backing anything thru KS…there’s no guarantees here.  Plus, it seems like the criticisms (my articles on this are good examples) are massive; if you’re gonna do this, be prepared for complete transparency to the people about where the money’s coming from and going towards…and with good reasons.  The people who contributed to the board game were trying to get a board game…not trying to help start up a company, which is what many investors in that project felt happened.

Just my thoughts, here.  🙂


It’s not even really near done, but here’s a rough fit of the Enterprise:


Enterprise “Rough Fit”

 I call the pic a “Rough Fit” because there’s no glue holding the saucer/neck assembly to the secondary hull, and there’s no glue holding on the warp engine nacells.  Dave Annis came over last night and I showed him how it would look done; we snap fitted everything together like that.  🙂  I still have a lot of work to do…aside from final gluing, it’s all detail work, like the registry numbering on the nacells and the finishing of the aztecing on them as well.  There’s also a tone more decals to add to the side of the ship, so…”miles to go before I sleep”.  🙂  Looks GREAT, no?  And look at how she dwarfs her little sister below her saucer, huh?  😛

Anyway.  Here’s our bondage shot for the day…how about some Angel?