All posts for the day September 9th, 2013

Alright…pic first and let it hit you as hard as it can.  You’re going on about your life, maybe shopping somewhere, or you’re just driving along then you come across this…what do you think?  What’s your reaction to the below pic?

If you’re driving behind this, do you call 911?  If you see this parked in a parking lot, do you approach her?  After all, she’s been kidnapped, right?  Her hands are tied together, and it looks like her ankles may be as well…

From close-up that kiiiiiiiinda gives it away when you look at her hip, no?  Yah, it’s a tailgate decal placed on the back of a truck.


OY!  Talk about trying to get yourself attention…but do you even WANT this kind of attention?!  That’s a decal, placed on the truck’s tailgate.  The article above says that several 911 complaints have been lodged against it (and I blame no one for doing so, real as it is)…but people are loving it and sales are up.  :/  What’s your thoughts/opinions?  For my sake, it’s in bad taste…I mean, c’mon, her hands are in FRONT?!  😛  Seriously, tho (and yes, that was joking sarcasm and I know I’ve put gals in hands in front stuff myself), aren’t toy guns made not to look like real ones more or less for the same reason?  To avoid bad things happening from someone making a mistake and jumping to conclusions over the realism depicted here?

I could just see a “white knight” who happens to own a .45 coming after the owner of the decal, thinking to rescue the girl and put the “lousy kidnapper” in the ground.  Or, what about the Police?  Yes, they do investigate fully…but I could see it happening where the cop is just walking up to the car looking at her as the owner of the truck draws near, asking what the policeman is doing by his truck…  🙁   OK, let’s leave the land of “far-fetched-conclusions” and hit a real one…what if someone were to wreck because of this?  Driving behind it, you start to call 911, trying to get close enough to get the license number and not paying attention to the road…

Just…brrrrrr.  I’ve seen it in comment sections of articles about this thing that people think it’s 1st Amendment protected free speech to be able to produce these, but still…SHOULD you?!  Poor taste in the very least, in my opinion…what do you all think?