All posts for the day September 11th, 2013

Well, now.  Those kinky Hollywood types.  🙂

Cate Blanchett went ahead and allowed herself to be tied up for this article…interesting.  You have to scroll down a bit, but it’s there…Cate in some latex (I think) and upper body ropework that’s pretty nice, actually.  Too “shibari” for my usual tastes, but it’s still done pretty well.  I’m an appreciator of bondage in all it’s forms, so well done and props for her allowing it to happen in the first place.  🙂

I became aware of this from a member of the “Fetish Models & Photographers” board I run thru FetLife…one of the members posted a link to the article.  Apparently, going by what another member has posted, the photographer was the rigger.  It came out during the interview that she likes bondage, and after that one thing led to another and she ended up tied.  🙂

Oh, and as an aside?  If anyone knows the brunette off to the right of this article advertising the jeans and Batman t-shirt?  She has a job in Tucson if she wants it.  Damn, but she’s cute!  😛


I went to look at what day I should be titling this blog entry at and actually said aloud, “September 11…oh, wow.”  It’s funny how life sneaks up on you like that.  :/

I don’t think I’ve ever written one of those “Do you remember where you were?” pieces…I was at work.  My mother called me from home terrified at what she’d just seen.  I was at a job that wouldn’t even let a radio play in the background, much less a TV, so we all had no idea what was going on, and my Mom’s frantic description didn’t help much.  :/   My boss broke with his usual protocol and allowed the radio to be played…but he didn’t let us go home.  That workday seemed to just DRAG on…

Getting home to those first images?  OMG…so terrible and terrifying.  I’ll leave it at that and close with two words…