All posts for the day October 5th, 2013

Brother.  Facebook keeps trying to get me to connect my personal page and not my “TolstoyTony” page to this blog.  Sheesh; would my friends ever be surprised…lmao!  I may have to sever the FB connection for good…whatever.  Just came here off a major “write” for FetLife; gods, but I don’t get that site!  They’re gonna get their asses majorly sued for copyright issues and they just seem to take an “I don’t care” stance about it all; it’s so frustrating!  What’s the worst is the lack of connection between their management and their members…if you’re gonna make rules, back them up with a stance about them instead of silence about them.  :/  They’re just…weird…and that’s a dyed-in-the-wool fetishist talking about a FETISH site.  😛

Anyway.  Neither here nor there…here’s some Stiletto for your Saturday.  🙂


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