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“…can’t trust that day…  (ba-daaaaa, ba-da-da-daaaa…)  Monday morning…”

Ah, me.  I do love that song, even beyond the fact that it helps me title every Monday’s post.  🙂  It’s one of my favorite “old school” tunes:

I’m listening/watching that video as I write this; very cool!  🙂  I find myself wondering what style that blue shirt the front guy singing is wearing; it’s cool, I like it.  🙂  Normally don’t care too much for collars, but I like that one.  That was recorded in 1966…jeepers, I was all of one tender year old when that was recorded; if it was recorded before June, I was less than a year old.  :/  How time flies.

Anyway, bondage.  How ’bout some Cali Logan to start the week off right?  🙂


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Cali Logan

Cali Logan