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Not only is it Wednesday, it’s, for me, “Alchestbreach Day”!  🙂  If you think I’ve gone nutty, I haven’t; Alchestbreach is a guy on YouTube that does a walkthru series of Fallout: New Vegas that is hilarious and completely fun to watch.  It’s like I have a favorite TV show again…lol.  Al plays the game, records it, and uploads it to YT, but with his own commentary and sense of fun behind it; it’s hilariously fun to watch…like an action-adventure series with a large comedy undertone.  He’s my “other guy” for YT viewing…on alternate Saturdays, William Strife uploads content of Fallout 3 in his on inimitable and impressive style; I enjoy his content to the MAX.  🙂

Aaaanyway, neither here nor there bondage-wise…just what’s going on for me right now.  Have a slice of  Candle Boxxx for your Wednesday.  🙂


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Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx