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I have to smile.  🙂  Wider, even.  😀

Just came from FetLife; I posted 6 random pics there yesterday and got a few friend requests from that.  One of them asked me a very simple, basic question…”Why don’t you use more colored ropes on your models?”  WOO-HOOOOO!!!  Requests!  Time to break out the pink rope!  😛

Um, no.

Fear not, TucsonTied fans, the “Pink Rope Era” pretty much died when Autumn Shaylee did this shoot/set for me:

Autumn Shaylee

Autumn Shaylee

I’m really regretting not doing that shoot in white rope…that’s some pretty primo bondage right there, yes?  🙂  Cute as a button, that one.  🙂  There may be the occasional request for it, but the pink rope is gone.  Literally.  I don’t know where it is, even…it MAY be in my closet or I may have dumped it; I don’t know…and that, perhaps is a good thing.  🙂

Anyway, one more shot for the day…how about some Lola Lynn?


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Lola Lynn

Lola Lynn