All posts for the day November 9th, 2013

Life has been SO CRAZY lately…and the new Thor movie is boffo, gang!  Go see it; you will not be sorry.

Thor’s been an odd one for me, romance wise, honestly.  In his early days, Thor was with Jane Foster (who’s backstory got pumped up in the movies from nurse to astrophysicist…ok), and you were pushed towards liking her.  She was the fan fave, she was the woman the writer wanted you to want to be with Thor…but I always favored Sif.  Sif is a badass who can take down basically anything and walk away from it asking, “That all you got, bitch?”…far more of a match for Thor than Jane.  His father wanted it, his friends wanted it, his family wanted it…but Thor wanted the mortal woman…I was on his family’s side…lol.  Normally, I pull for underdogs, and for all intents and purposes, I should’ve been pulling for Thor and Jane to find that “happily ever after”, but I thought Thor should ditch the nurse and stay with the warrior-woman hottie.  :/

Movies-wise, tho…Natalie Portman wins hands down.  🙂

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there…let’s see some Anna.  🙂