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OY; another week.  Thing is…after two more Monday’s, I’ll be doing my next shoot!  🙂  Domino…I have a good deal of plans for that young lady!  🙂  It’s rare that I work with a new model and I get the feeling that I do about this gal…and no, not THAT feeling…lol.  The feeling that she can go far with this as a career if she wants to…I swear, when I post my first few pics of this girl, you guys’re gonna go ga-ga over her!  🙂

For now, tho…I have to get back to being the “vanilla” me…I’m having folks come over from the apartment complex…leaky sink.  🙁  Here’s some Emily Addison from my first shoot with her.  🙂


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Emily Addison

Emily Addison