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Went looking for high heels for Domino to wear for me when we get together on the 25th…damned inconvienent of stores to put out all their boots for winter and take in all their heels; dad blamed winter!  😛  In all seriousness, that was what it seemed like; there were a huge selection of boots to choose from, but sexy, strappy sandals with stiletto heels?  Sorry, Charlie…come back in warmer weather, I guess.  :/  Ah, well.

Another disappointment happened this morning when I was going to download a mod to play for Fallout: New Vegas.  Mind you, a “mod” is an adventure for you to go thru…almost like getting an extension to the gameplay.  Saw a mod I really, REALLY wanted, but it had required mods that I also needed to download so the game would function.  And the requirements had requirements.  And one of the requirements requirement was that I play the game with mouse and keyboard, which I do not do (I use an XBOX controller plugged into my computer), so I was finished.  Just…frustrating.  It wasn’t the product itself that finished me, but a requirement of a requirement.  Just…crappy.

Ah, well…in better news, I got an order that I’d place thru Amazon for the 3 disc Blu-Ray of the 2009 Star Trek movie by JJ Abrahms yesterday!  That was soooooooo cool; one of the special features discs had a tour of the Enterprise and the Narada…very awesome!  Oh, and did I tell you I bought another model kit?  The USS Reliant will soon sit alongside my USS Enterprise; soon as I get the aftermarket “Aztec” decals I ordered, that is…lol.  They weren’t included in the kit, and you need those to make the ship look authentic.  Funny thing about the shipping for those.  They wanted a set price for the shipping by UPS Ground…and 25 cents more than that the ship it USPS 2 day Priority Mail!  LOL…so, I could pay the set price and wait a week, or pay a quarter more and get it in 48 hours?  naturally, I paid the quarter…I should get those tomorrow, I believe, and then I can start in on the kit.  You really need to apply those before you assemble the ship.

‘Nuff talk…let’s see some Stacie Snow.  🙂


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