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All right…let’s give this a try and see if the Internet will allow me to post it.  😛  Here’s some shots of my USS Reliant:

Uss Enterprise and Uss Reliant

Both of my girls in the same shot…USS Enterprise and USS Reliant

USS Reliant

Top of the ship…USS Reliant

Side View...USS Reliant

Side View…USS Reliant

Huh…all three pics I was trying to upload this morning went on without a hitch…guess I need to change the password on my router; someone in my apartment complex must be sponging off of my Internet.  :/  I wish there was a way of being able to tell that and boot off unauthorized people…any tech-savvy folks out there know a way?

GAWD, but the Aztecing of this ship gave me headaches…secondary market (meaning, not included in the kit…I had to buy them seperately from a different company) stuff fail.  🙁  They never properly adhered…I have to be careful where I touch the ship else a decal comes back in my hand.  🙁  Still, she looks great, no?  A perfect compliment to the Enterprise.  Oh, I should mention…these are NOT in scale with one another: The Enterprise is a 1/350 scale model, while the Reliant is a 1/537 scale.  Why they didn’t scale both the same size to one another, I’ll never know.

The only problem with finishing this one is I have no current model to build, and the itch to do so is overwhelming!  🙁  I’m done with starships of the Federation for a while…what I’m looking for is a car…a ’68 Thunderbird to be precise.  Had one when I was a kid and would love to have a miniature for the sake of memories.  🙂


Well, hi gang and welcome to another Monday!

Tomorrow I’ll be roping up pretty, sexy Domino…but for today, how about some other news…my USS Reliant is finished!  I’d show you…but the blog is being butt about taking pics; I’ll have to try uploading again later.  It’s taking my older material quick, but is having issues with me uploading more recent stuff from my newer cameras.  :/

At any rate, here’s some Kerri Taylor.  Kerri is thinking af an AZ trip in January…keep your fingers crossed for me!  🙂


Kerri Taylor

Kerri Taylor