All posts for the day November 26th, 2013


I’m sorry, gang.  Been trying all night to upload pics of Domino from today’s shoot, but no success.  It’s my Upload spped…I went to one of those speed testing sites and found I’m currently running with a 0.02 Upload speed to the Internet…what balls.  🙁  I’m gonna try again late tonight…that’s when things seem to get better.  I did manage to get a pic of her uploaded to FetLife before things all went butt…

It’s the first pic there.  Meantime, I’m gonnakeep trying and see what, if anything, I can accomplish.  The shoot went wonderfully, by the way…can’t WAIT until Friday and I ghet her in again.  🙂


Son Of A Bitch…Tumblr terminated my account with them!  🙁  I find it an ultimate irony…Tumblr is a pirate haven, and as I type this there are probably dozens of my pics on it without my approval.  My pics?  Sure, go ahead and post them…me myself for an account?  Busted.  Unreal.

Anyway…putting this on the back burner for now; Domino will be here in a little less than 4 hours.  No pic on this post…I’ll make another one later once the shoot is done with pics of her.  🙂