All posts for the day November 27th, 2013

Ach…this is ridiculous.  First of all, I managed to get two more shots of Domino uploaded to me FetLife account…please visit me there to get a look at her:

I can’t seem to get anything uploaded anywhere right now.  🙁  I’m gonna call my ISP and give them hell…well, maybe just ask WTF is going on and why I have a good download speed, but no upload speed.  I can watch videos and check my mail just fine, but uploading pics is nigh impossible.  Stay tuned.  🙂


UPDATE: Well, this is complete butt.  Spoke with my ISP and diagnosed the problem…they say it’s somewhere in the line, but can’t send someone out until TUESDAY.  🙁  That’s ass if ever I heard it.  I’ll try and upload a pic here and there until then and see if I can get lucky like I did at FetLife occasionally.  For now, tho…I’m going back to bed…lol.  😉