All posts for the day February 2nd, 2014

I’m gonna be cruising to see the big game in between bouts of PC Gaming.  🙂  Playing Fallout: New Vegas.  It’s a BIG smash set in the southwest…and they even have a character that traveled thru my city.

In dialogue, he refers to it as “Tuscon”.  “TuSCon.”

AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!  Don’t these people PROOFREAD?!  It happens in SEVERAL places, not just once.  Big fucking company like Bethesda/Obsidian, and you can’t be bothered to just run a simple SPELL-CHECK before sending final product to the stores?!  LOL…my pet peeve about this continues to ruffle my feathers.  Why don’t you guys let Trina ruffle your feathers, and please Sign Up at TucsonTied for her and the almost 70 models there to do that even more.  🙂




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