All posts for the day August 8th, 2014

I was told there was some changes around this hotel…brother. The music is abominable and abominably loud…they must have the sound system cranked to eleven at least. ┬áThe business center I remember from last time I went is gone…and the only computers open are completely out in the public…so they block sites like my blog. ­čÖü

Had to update this from my phone…I think there’s free wi-fi; looking into that tomorrow. ­čÖé


I’m calling these “teasers” as I’m typing from my phone screen and not going to be too detailed yet…shooting Ashley Sinclair in about three hours and need to hunt some breakfast first…I’m gonna be kinda brief.

Day one was amazing!! ┬áCandle had on a stunning red dress that hugged all her curves perfectly…but that was later in the day.

My flight in was great and uneventful…other than flying thru Phoenix meant seeing familiar faces on it…mainly Ashley Graham and Samantha Grace, on my flight as a hookup from LA. :D. They were in different parts of the plane than me, but we did share a shuttle ride into the hotel. :). Once there, I stood in line for registration (ugh), got that taken care of and off to the Meet & Greet!!

Candle was the first I saw and was stunning! ┬áHoly hell. Wandering the floor and reconnecting with great people was amazing…more later; my stomach is telling me to close and go get eats.