All posts for the day August 11th, 2014

Typing this from the Austin, Texas airport, sitting thru a 2 hour and 2o minute layover.  🙁  I was appreciative for the stop over, tho…just before we landed, I REALLY needed a bathroom…lol.  I think this is the first time I’ve visited Austin…can’t say I care for the airport much.  For some reason, Tucson’s seems bigger to me…tho I’m more than likely wrong about that.  This place seems a bit more…cramped; crammed in, maybe?  I dunno…might just be me after being in a sardine can called an airplane for the past few hours.  :/

Leaving Tampa was HARD…and also a little different this time as I almost…ALMOST…got out of not having to de-shoe.  However, my shoes buzzed as I went thru the gate wearing them, so they had me take them off so they could be scanned…likely there’s metal in the guards for the holes.  :/  Got scanned and went thru fine…the big plus was that I didn’t have to take my laptop out of it’s briefcase…they just sent it on thru as-is.  🙂

I miss everybody from the con SO MUCH…and right now, I’m largely missing going around any corner of a building and seeing nothing but long, sexy legs, as much boobage as you can show publicly, and high heels.  🙂  Bit of a teaser for when I settle in back at home and do REAL blogs about the con…I did manage to catch 4 of the 5 ladies on my “I must meet/see these girls” list…Stacie Snow (yes, Stacie WAS at the con, but not working in any capacity, sadly), Tracy Jordan, Isobel Wren, ChiChi Medina (met her for the first time…Google her; she’s gorgeous and loves being tied!  I’m working on getting her for the site), and the one I missed…Annabelle Genovisi.  She’s also gorgeous and a “I want her for the site” gal…she was staying at a house some 30 miles from the hotel and only drove in when I was working, sadly. 🙁  Next year.  🙂

More later…