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Oh, God…what a CON!

Where to begin…where to begin?  My flight in was fine…little did I know at the time, but since my flight was from Phoenix this time rather than straight from Tucson, that lent itself to some opportunities for traveling models to connect with my flight within their flights from LA…namely, Ashley Graham and Samantha Grace!  Didn’t see them until I was on the ground and getting my bags, tho…but we did share a shuttle ride into the hotel.  🙂

Once there, I got my first disappointment of few in the trip.  The hotel that the con is held in has been massively renovated…and to it’s detriment.  UGH.  Try to change things, make them better and wind up failing, I guess.  🙁  The front office/reception was moved to another area…and the area it was in was renovated into a huge bar/restaurant area…which some damn fool thought was a good idea to put a LIVE band in.  🙁   I like loud music at a concert…but I’m a mile or so away from the band…in this intimate kinda setting, the band was so close you could touch the band members as they played…and all of them had their gear cranked up to 11 on the sound.  🙁  Kept me out of the bar area the entire con, let me tell ya, which is sad as that’s usually where a good piece of the socializing happens.

Soon as I got in, the meetings began…I ran into my buddy Wolfgang (C4S exclusive producer who’s living the dream, tying his wife for his page) and my bud Loose Cannon  after hardly even getting in the door!  In LC’s case, it was a good thing as we had made arrangements for me to get him a dvd of some of my work, and the money he paid for it came in handy helping my food budget.  😛  That’s something folks seem to miss when pricing out a model’s time…”she’s making a killer hourly rate…why?”…well, bubba, along with the fact she’s letting you tie and photograph her, she has to feed and house herself while in your area…lol.  Rant aside, the first thing I went to do was my hotel room…when I found suck #2…the “UP” escalator was out.  And when I say “out”, I mean DISASSEMBLED.  It was in PIECES.  :/  That made things difficult for going to the hotel’s 2 most popular floors for us con goers…floor 1 which had reception and the bar/restaurant, and floor two, where all the functions were held.  All comings and goings between those two floors had to now be done in the ELEVATOR…for one frikkin’ floor.  🙁  Stupid.  Funny part was, I never found a set of stairs anywhere.  I imagine they have to have them SOMEwhere, legally…but they were pretty well hidden.  :/

Anyway.  went up to my room, changed my shirt out (It’s FLORIDA…I drenched my shirt in sweat just waiting for the shuttle…lol), then headed straight to the line for registration…which was a very good thing as I was about #5 or so in what turned out to be a BLOCKBUSTER line…and when I say “blockbuster”, I mean line like tickets for the next big movie…you know, “around the block” kinda thing?  Me tho…I was in and out in about 5 minutes or so, thankfully.  Got my badge (a card on a lanyard which showed I was a registered member for the con), and went back to the hotel room to collapse for a bit before the Meet & Greet.

I think my M&G was monopolized by Candle Boxxx.  Can you see why here?

Candle Boxxx

Oh, dear GOD.  As hot as that looks, the photo does not do it justice…she looked even hotter in person, and this was prolly the first time in my career I could be accused of staring too much.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.  Can you get why?  😛  Candle is seen with Brooke Thomsen here…I shot with her as  well.  🙂

Did some more wandering and caught up with Brooke and Ashley (Brooke above…Ashley a touch later during the M&G); Star I caught up with later after the M&G at the restaurant.  During the M&G and at the line for registration earlier, I found Dominic Wolfe (GREAT to see him again!), and had some fun at his expense.  He was chatting up a model…I interrupted them, looked the model straight in the face and said something to the extent of,  “You got stuck working with THIS clown?  Oh, you poor girl, you have my sympathies…everything you’ve heard about him is true, SO true…”, then broke it off to tell her I was pulling her leg.  😛  Dom and I are friendly like that…I’d expect him to do the same and more to me.  What was nice was he walked me over to his neighbor (literally…they live on the same street…lol), Akira Lane, and when she realized who she was, she gave me the BIGGEST hug!  OMG, it was nice!  I knew I was liked by her…but this was phenomenal.  🙂

Also got to talk with FetLifer “RowdyJoe”

I’ve done a custom shoot for him in the past and we’ve become fast friends since.  🙂  He’s my “grasshopper” and has faired well under my tutelage.  🙂  OMG, I’m prolly missing tons of things that happened, but I want to get a Brooke post up and let you all see her…and then I have to get about the copying of releases and sending of them in, the sizing of pics, posting teasers…you name it.


OH…almost forgot: I did “interview” vids with everybody…even Candle!  🙂  You’ll like.  🙂