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Phew…tired.  Came home to a half-empty fridge…and emptied it over the last couple days.  😛  That meant shopping…just back from that.  Overall, I think I prefer a dry heat to a humid one…this was tolerable.  😛  OK, I have all my FetCon swag laid out and will do a short vid of me going thru it later, probably tomorrow.  Let’s get back to FetCon…

Just after Ashley left, I had barely enough time to change my shirt (dropped a gallon of sweat) and pretty up (as much as someone like me can “pretty up”…lol) before Brooke showed up.  I was IMMEDIATELY awed by her eyes.  To the ladies who view my blog…yes, there ARE men who look at your EYES!  😛  The bluest blue…the combination of that, her skin tone and hair color makes for a staggering impression.  Brooke is a stunning woman!  And friendly as all get out…so much fun to be around.

Lesee…switched her into wardrobe and we dove right in.  I was shooting customs during this one…my custom guy wanted Brooke in a small, “LBD” (“Little Black Dress”…a fetish of mine as well) and high heel black pumps with shoulder length gloves…a nice outfit.  🙂  We started with Brooke on the phone…communicating with her date when he was going to pick her up and such…but alas, it was not to be as the eeeeeevil dude (me) pounced upon her, grabbed and tied her up.  FUN set!

Brooke by far had the most energy of my gals this time out, with Candle being a very close second.  She FOUGHT her ropes hard and gave me some of the best struggle video of the con.  We did some stuff of her having the ropes applied bit by bit (I love doing the “here comes the crotchrope!” shot…lol) and then set her down by the door…after which we closed with a hogtie and the customary-for-a-first-timer-with-me interview vid, which I’ll be publishing later.

The rest of the day was a major “puss-out” by yours truly…I think I made a quick spin thru the convention floor, then went to bed…at 10:30 pm.  You’re at “party central”, i.e. FetCon…and you go to bed at 10:30?!  What a wuss.  😛  But I had done 2 shoots…and was tired.

Brooke is SO AWESOME…I really wish her well on her journey thru the fetish world.  She was a delight to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of working with her.  I just hope she manages to make her way thru Arizona so I can have a repeat bid.  🙂

More tomorrow…I didn’t shoot until later in the day that day, so I’ll have more to talk with you all about.  If you want to see all the GREAT stuff Brooke and I lensed out, be sure to sign up NOW for!


Brooke Thomsen

Brooke Thomsen…legs, yes, I know…but damn, those EYES!!

Brooke Thomsen

Brooke Thomsen

Brooke Thomsen

Brooke Thomsen…doing what I call a “butt pooch” while in a hogtie