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After Day 1’s fun, I had some time on my hands.  Star and I weren’t scheduled to shoot until 4 pm, so there was plenty of time to walk around and such.  The hotel was offering a great breakfast and they also did a great buffet later in the day…ate there twice.  The Con was…well, the con…lol.  Walked the floor a few times and was thrilled…so much fun to be had.  Eventually you wind up running into folks you know…this was one of the rare times I didn’t, but I did watch some demonstrations…I also went to my buddy Rob Nussbaum’s talk about 2257 and social sites and how they can cause your end if not careful.  It was actually humorous…what idiot robs a place, logs into his Facebook and leaves the computer in the place your robbing logged into your Facebook…lol.  😉

Skipping ahead, 4 o’clock rolled around and Star arrived right on time…but it was obvious she was really having a CON.  🙂  That’s not to her detriment…what I mean is she was working her pretty butt off and doing excellently at it.   She had booked herself solid, the poor gal, but that didn’t keep her from putting in a GREAT couple hours with me.  Wanna see? Interview will be posted tomorrow.  🙂  See the full sets, high quality HD video and much more at!


What's all this...?  Star Nine

What’s all this…? Star Nine

The better to tie you up with, dear!  Now, out of that towel and get on the bed...  Star Nine

The better to tie you up with, dear! Now, out of that towel and get on the bed… Star Nine

Perfect...lookin' fine.  Now for a gag...  Star Nine

Perfect…lookin’ fine. Now for a gag… Star Nine

Completed Package...  Star Nine

Completed Package… Star Nine