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Bit of a change of pace post today…I’ll resume posting my own stuff tomorrow.  Today, however, I wanna talk to you all about something VERY special happening next month.  A model from out of town…WAY out of town…is happening by and if you’d like a custom with her, she’s available and willing.  🙂  Once in a lifetime situation, really…it’s not everyday you get a chance to work with an Australian traveling here all the way from “Down Under”…:)

I’m serious.  🙂  Cobie is an Australian bondage model currently residing in Australia who’s making a bit of a whirlwind tour of the US and working with as many photographers as she possibly can.  Ones I know of at the moment include Dominic Wolfe, BronxTies…and Dave Annis and yours truly.  There’s TONS more; those’re the only ones I know of at this writing.  🙂

Oh, and before I go any further…yes, I’m using her own material to advertise her here, and yes, I got her permission to use the pics to do so…any pics of Cobie you see here were given to me with her permission to use them here at the blog.

That said, why am I going all gaga about Cobie coming to the States and all?  Two reasons really…for one thing, like I said, this is prolly a once-in-a-lifetime situation; Emily Addison blows thru Tucson, she lives in (I believe) LA and there’s always a possibility she’ll be by again…Cobie is from frikkin’ AUSTRALIA and is traveling from the other side of the planet to get her sexy ass tied up. Secondly…Miss Cobie is BENDY.  Sasha Fae kinda bendy.  I’m up for a rigging challenge and Cobie presents that:


I LOVE that pose and have been wanting to try it or something similar for a LONG time.  🙂  So, what’s the bottom line here, kids?  I have time scheduled with her and will be working with her towards my own devices (bwah-hahaha-HAH!), but a gal traveling this far to get tied and make money can always use more projects…that’s where YOU come in.  Custom shoots are available…and if you want to get yourself one with her, write me here in the comments with an e-mail address I can get back at you with for details.  More pics follow to whet your whistles…and get yourselves ready for this; it’s gonna be outstanding.  🙂



Cobie: love her eyes here!

Cobie: love her eyes here!

Cobie: Lookin' forward to doing some hot hard hogties!

Cobie: Lookin’ forward to doing some hot hard hogties!

Cobie: check those curves and sexy midriff!

Cobie: check those curves and sexy midriff!

Cobie: Yah, feeds my white sock fetish a bit.  :)

Cobie: Yah, feeds my white sock fetish a bit. 🙂