All posts for the day June 24th, 2015

Just got home from seeing Jurassic World…EXCELLENT film and I LOVED it.  Lotta throwbacks to the original film…one of which makes up the film’s climax; no spoilers…but it was AWESOME!

Speaking of spoilers, my afternoon nearly got spoiled…by a numbnut with a laser pointer.  Seriously.  The film’s going along, and suddenly there’s a red light dancing across a character’s face.  Little further in, more dancing red light.  Finally, someone shouted for them to stop it; kids today…warning ignored, more dancing red light.

‘Bout halfway into the film they stopped the movie.  A couple of higher-ups from the theater came into the room and asked for it to be stopped or be removed.  They were asked to come forward; no one did.  A few in the audience (myself included) called out to them to bring in law enforcement…they were.  Yeah, you read that right…two law officers were brought in to ask those who were responsible to come forward…of course they were too cowardly and childish to do so.

After a while and two more tense and impassioned speeches from people in the room, the film was started up again and an authority from the theater stayed with us to watch it to see if the coward would try again…they didn’t.  As we left, we were all given a complimentary pass to another movie for the inconvenience.  Classy of the theater to do that, but sad because the person who did it likely got one…coward.  The cops hung out a little while longer and questioned a few younger folks…hope they caught the little bastard.

Oh…and why is this a fuss?  That shit is dangerous, especially for pilots (cue Art) and is illegal; if you’re thinking of doing it, you will get caught.