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Tolstoy’s YouTube Gaming Channel

Trying something new. In case you hadn’t heard about them, “Let’s Play” videos have become the new rage on YouTube. It’s basically just someone playing a vid game, talking over the footage while playing, then uploading the footage to YouTube for folks to watch. Believe it or not, it’s become a viable source of income for some (Let’s Players get paid by allowing YouTube to run ads on the content…I’m not sure if payment comes from the ads getting viewed while you watch the content or if the viewer has to click on and watch the ads; one or the other); Let’s Player “PewDiePie” (yes, that’s the name he chose for himself; whatever) became a millionaire…yes, a MILLIONAIRE, from doing it.

Jesus Marimba. 😛

I’m not expecting that…just a couple extra hundred every month would be nice; we’ll see what comes of it. I’m going to use my somewhat dubious level of fame (lol) to try to popularize the channel, so don’t be surprised if I mention it here and there on the blog. The best part about the channel is that it’s totally up to me to work it…the only schedule I set to it is my own…I upload as I go, when I have content TO upload to it.

There’s only one video up there right now…kind of a preview of a Resident Evil 4 Let’s Play I’m going to do which was a test video for all my settings. Do me a favor, fans…go “clicky” on the link above and give the 2 minute video a watch. My commentary isn’t all that brilliant…I half wasn’t expecting the thing to work…lol.  I’ll be spending time when I game from here on out to record and post content to it; for now, that’s the only vid up.