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Now…on with the blog.  🙂

Gawd-dammit…of all the times to eat myself out of apartment and home. I feel miserable, but also have jack I’m interested in eating…off to the store. Side note: It ISN’T wise to eat milk when your body is nothing but a phlegm factory, right? I seem to remember being taken off of cereal and milk when I was completely sick like this. Dammit.  😉

Anyway…Arielle Lane. OMG, what a gal!

Certain angles of her remind me of Janessa…you guys may wind up seeing it yourselves, I dunno. But, anyway…Isobel went on her way, Arielle appeared like a vision.  🙂 Thankfully, there was a small break in between which gave me an opportunity to change shirts (I don’t wear black at shoots because I’m bad ass, I wear black to hide me sweating like crazy, something that, at this con, I found out I’m not alone in…we ALL sweat like crazy when we photograph) and freshen up before she arrived.  And what a TREAT she was to work with!

Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane

(As much as Arielle gets tied up, I have to wonder if she’s Lois’ cousin (Lois Lane…duh) or some such thing. :P) Arielle gets entered into my book as another “Bondage LOVER” as the “thank you’s” were running rampant from her at the shoot.  🙂  Tighten the wrist ropes…”That OK?” “Yes, that’s fine…Thank you for asking!” lather, rinse, repeat for the rest of the shoot.  🙂  Arielle is another gal who loves what she does, enjoys the feeling of ropes on her keeping her captive…a theme of my con this year. Four of the five I worked with this year either loved it or downright needed it in their lives…kinda cool.  🙂

Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane

This shoot, “creepy guy” followed Arielle back to her hotel room after she was at the beach, had her strip out of her bikini, then tied her in heels and hose.  She made a mad dash for the phone…

Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane

…which she failed at, winding her up in a hard hogtie for her troubles. (Side-note, LOVE the “butt pooch” here! One of my favorite things to do with a hogtie.)

Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane

That last pic is absolute YUM; jus’ sayin’.  🙂

It was a pleasure and a joy working with Arielle and I’m glad Candle pointed her my way…I’m looking massively forward to the next time we work.  🙂

Well, we’re winding down the FetCon posts…tomorrow is my experience with Chrissy Marie, and Monday will be about random shots taken at the Con.  Join me, willya?  🙂


PS: Arielle just tweeted this…screenshotted it for you all to see. The girl loves her gig!  🙂

Arielle Lane in a nutshell. :P

Arielle Lane in a nutshell. 😛

I rarely do blatant ads for something not my own (my fuckin’ blog, after all…lol), but this is worth it.

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