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My luck just turned MAJORLY sour over the past 24 hours…FFS.

Firstly, my glasses completely broke, so I’m now 24 hour stylin’ in my sunglasses until I have the money for an eye exam and a new pair. Talkin’ about money…well, I don’t know if I told you guys or not, but since I’m a new hire at my new job, Christmas and New Years Day were both non-paid holidays for me…and they both came out of the same check at the same time, making me juuuuuuust barely able to catch up with rent.

And that’s when my freaking computer decided to take a dump on me and quit.

FFS!!  Obviously I’m able to get online OK as I’m typing this (I’m using my desktop’s internet connection for my laptop), but now I need to replace a desktop as this laptop won’t be able to do any video processing (it’s old…Windows 98).  It’s all very do-able as the job’s going great and I’m able to do well at it, but it’s just going to take time.  I’m more or less completely caught up on bills (and in less than a month, yet)…but I won’t be able to start solving today’s problems until this time next month when I get my first check of Feb.  :/ I’m just going to take it day by day and just pray that whatever entity that decided to punish me for whatever I did is freaking finished….

Just remember…it’s not how hard you get knocked down, it’s how strong you are when you get back up. I’ll survive.  🙂

Cali Logan for today.  🙂


Cali Logan

Cali Logan

Cali Logan

Cali Logan