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In the comments section yesterday, Nolan wrote:

Were you looking for anything in particular at Bookman’s?
Do they sell comic TPBs?

Which brings me to the realisation that I know Tolstoy is a gamer, but what books/comics does he like? I seem to remember seeing Essential Spider-Woman in your book case, though. Good choice btw: Classic Jessica Drew = One of the best costumes evah!

The fanboy in me wants you to do a superheroine themed shoot one day!
Just sayin’…

I liked this question so much, I’ve decided to feature it here.  🙂

I was looking for, mainly, DVD’s to add to my collection, or maybe a good game to draw me back to my PS3 (prolly never happen, tho…I’m a PC gamer for life now)…just a TV series from the past or some such thing to watch as I gave up TV for the Internet years ago after all my shows slowly were removed from the air.  yup, they do sell comics and trade paperbacks, and if I’d found one I liked, I would’ve gotten one, but my tastes are getting very picky as I grow older. :/

They had a small selection of comics as well, and man, I didn’t realize how long I’ve been away from them…so MUCH has changed.  Is the DC Universe back yet or are the “New 51(52?)” still a thing, by the way?  Has there been another “crisis” lately?

Comics?  Man, I just can’t anymore…especially Spider-Man as I see the movies come and go.  I’m convinced they hired the dude who played Spidey in the last set of movies just to bring in the “Twilight” tween crowd as he looked so much like the head vamp…and the stories? Fuck me running, don’t get me started. And I’m not looking forward to seeing a hot Aunt May possibly being pursued by Tony Stark, if that’s gonna happen.  :/  Gonna be interesting to see Michael “Batman” Keaton as the Vulture, tho…

…and while I’m thinking of it and yah, I’m WAY late, RIP Adam West…you gave us SO much in your portrayal of the Caped Crusader.

Anyway. Haven’t really read a book in ages (unless you count videogame strategy guides), but when I was a steady reader, it was all sci-fi. Anne McCaffrey’s dragons and the world of Pern were a FANTASTIC read. Harlan Ellison is BIG for me as the dude pulled no punches and told a STRONG story. Wanna know something funny? One of his shorts, “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream”, was made into a video game and I just found and bought it during the last Steam summer game sale. 😛 AWESOME game and I think it’s VERY inexpensive (around $5), if any of you out there are gamers. Ray Bradbury is awesome, of course…and if you want a really strong female lead,  Heinlein’s “Friday” is a VERY good read for you…find the one with the cover done by Michael Whelan, if you like to see some cheesecake on your cover as you read. 😛 AWESOME cover, awesome story, awesome character!

And just for the sake of the smarty who might ask it…no, I’ve never read anything from my namesake, Tolstoy. 😛

A superhero themed shoot is ALWAYS a possibility if the gal in question has the costume…but I have to be honest and say I’m REALLY itching to do a classic Star Trek one…vowza! 🙂

Enough of me blabbing…Stacie Snow for today.


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