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BLEH! Finally HOME for two days, and have a book waiting for me at my apt. complex’s office that I ordered…”The Art Of Fallout 4″. Looks to be a GORGEOUS hardbound (ha!  “Hardbound”…sounds like one of my ties…lol) look at concept art and such. Thank you, El Coyote for the gift card from my recent birthday that bought it.  🙂

Oh, and I was reminded of something, so here’s an addendum to yesterday’s lengthy post. Kendra James and I were set to do a superheroine  shoot at last years FetCon…wound up not coming to pass. 🙁  I’ll do a superheroine shoot, just wait! 🙂  I was also reminded that Vivian Ireene pierce has a kick-ass Trek outfit…I need to see her about that.

Would y’all kill me if I finished it off with ankle strap heels instead of boots?  Waitaminnute, strike that…***I*** would kill me for doing that! 😛

Brooke Thomsen for today.  🙂


Brooke Thomsen

Brooke Thomsen

Brooke Thomsen