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So…Fallout 76.

Won’t be getting it right away. The E3 conference made me DISinterested in the game, really.  :/  I will not be playing Fallout 76, which I’ll be calling “Fallout: Dark Souls Edition” until after I see it played a few times on YouTube by my fave players, so I get a better feeling of how the game plays. I’m NOT looking forward to being thrown into a fully online and player-versus-player experience…I despise online games, mainly because of how people behave online, much less the punk 13 year olds who shouldn’t be playing an “M” rated game anyway, or the fully-grown adults who ACT like 13 year olds online (IE: “keyboard warriors”), “pwning” me every time I turn around…

Case in point: base building and resource gathering is supposed to be big here. So, I spend a few months building a kick-ass base in between the so-called quest that the Overseer gives you…and then along comes a dick, kills me, flattens my base, steals everything I worked for, just because he can.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks.  :/  And this is supposed to be FUN?!

Fuck that.

Anyway…thanks for letting me vent…here’s some Dez.


PS:…”Fallout: Call Of Dooty”. I like that one better.  😛





I forgot one…”Fallout: Git Gud”.

I’m done now…