All posts for the day August 24th, 2018

I’m limiting my dialog to what’s with each pic.  Enjoy!


(PS: How many vacations can you go on where people ASK you to show your vacation shots? Doing this was a fan request…love it!)

Janira Wolfe. She stopped being a bondage model (preferring to be a Pro Domme) before I could tie her…at least now I can say I’ve taken her picture. 😛

Remember this cutie from a recent shoot? Luci Lovett!

(deep sigh…) The one that got away; Naomi Swann. Fresh-faced newbie on the scene…missed shooting her by THIS much; her duties as a C4S Ambassador kept her from shooting with me. We’ve already set up something tentative for next year…

Fetish Awards Show. Think “Kinky Oscars, but voted on by the people”.

Scouting pic, more than anything. I’m thinking next year, Angel Lee (left) gets tangled into my ropes…yah. 🙂