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Saw “Venom” recently.


It was an interesting mess, really…but one that I’ll eventually add to my movie collection when it comes out.  “Venom” was a few things…but the one I keep coming back to in my mind is “EdWoodian”; which is a phrase I created to talk about movies that are “so bad they’re good” (name created in honor/homage to the legendarily bad filmmaker, Ed Wood)…fits here perfectly.  Venom is in no way by any means a “good” movie, but it at least IS watchable.  Love story. “Buddy Cop” movie…with one of the buddies being an alien symbiote. “Superhero”? Nope. Venom is no means motivated by the superhero stuff. Just a guy and his alien parasite (“APOLOGIZE!!!” You’ll get it when/if you see the movie.) going through the motions of life…

Oh yeah…and stopping the Lex-Luthor-of-the-week from bringing about an alien invasion and stuff, while trying to get his lady love (who he totally fucked over) back into his life. Like I said…it’s a mess.

Not sure I care for Tom Hardy in the role…in the comics, Eddie Brock is a focused psychopath, Hardy seems asleep at the switch for most of his dialog…but that’s just me…and I didn’t find his lady love all that attractive…tho she did know her way around sexy high heels…and in case you’re wondering, zero bondage in the film.

Would I recommend it?  Yah…for one in-the-theater watch and purchase for a die-hard collector when it comes out on DVD/Blue-Ray. And, as per usual with Marvel films (even ones they’re only ASSOCIATED with), look for the two essentials…a Stan Lee cameo and an after-the-credits stinger.

Lexi Richelle rounds out today’s bondage…


Lesi Richelle

Lesi Richelle

Lesi Richelle

Lesi Richelle