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FINALLY. As I type this, I’m doing all the things I’d normally need to do on a weekend…essentially clearing my lack-of-a-schedule as it is (lol), so I can spend the weekend (MY weekend, anyway, meaning today and tomorrow) on the couch getting over this cold and getting my strength back. May even shut off my phone. No distractions.

I now have all the Connery and Moore “Bond” movies (minus “Never Say Never Again”) on Blu-Ray and I’m not afraid to watch them all back-to-back…lol.

Sasha Fae for today…how about a peek behind the curtains, provided graciously by the camerawork of one Dave Annis, of how a shoot goes…


Sasha, Me…and Dave Annis’ foot.
Sasha, tellin Tony how it is. 🙂
You really have to admire the patience of a fetish model…
All roped up…now, let’s get to work..


…which is why I went home early from work last night and am contemplating staying home today. 😛

Yah, I now has “the Company Cold”, as I’ve been calling it. I work in an enclosed space with about 50 or so other agents; maybe 60-70, even; not surprising we share each others’ colds…

…tho it IS surprising we can share the same lunchroom without tearing each other apart…lol.

Anyway…yah, sick as a dog, but here’s some Stacie Snow for you all.


Stacie Snow
Stacie Snow
Stacie Snow
Stacie Snow

Kinda liked doing the “variety” thing yesterday, picking 4 different pics from my shoots of a model…might carry this on for a bit. 🙂

So…some of Stacie Snow’s work with me. 🙂


Stacie Snow, Shoot #1
“Artsy” Tolstoy…Stacie Snow from shoot # 7
“Mistress” Stacie Snow, Shoot # 12
Stacie Snow from shoot # 21