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By all accounts, this was a tough year…everywhere I read about it, it’s just basically, “Get rid of the fucked up year, already…bring on 2019!!”…lol. Have to agree to some degree; wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t great, either…not that I’m complaining by any means. I have a great “vanilla” job, a fantastic producer’s job where I get to meet fantastically beautiful women to tie and gag (tho not *play* with…gotta make that a goal for ’19, “find a play partner”…)…nothing at ALL to gripe about…

…except getting yelled at by people who lock themselves out of their own cellphones and expect me to get them back in again without having to factory reset the thing…lol. And yes, that means what you think it does…if you forget the passcode, pattern, what have you to your phone and use all your tries to get back in, there’s no other way but resetting the phone to it’s factory settings like it just got off the assembly line and starting over again. NO, your phone company doesn’t have the unlock code, or can track a missing phone either, for that matter…think about it: Do you WANT your phone company able to open your phone or track it’s location, 24/7? Didn’t think so…lol.

Anyway; thanks for letting me spew the minor job rant. 😛 Who would I like to shoot with this coming year? GOTTA get Ariel Anderssen (wife of RestrainedElegance’s producer/photographer, Hywel) into my ropes. We’ve been chatting occasionally on Twitter and she seems really nice and enjoys bondage so much; it’ll be a joy working with her. If you follow said Twitter (, you’ll see me chat with the occasional model…if you see me chatting them up, it’s a good guess I wanna work with them again or for the first time. But I’m focusing on Ariel right now…

…but would also LOVE to wrap some ropes onto BritBabe Hannah Claydon as well…ah, to dream. 🙂

Sasha Fae starts out our next year together…


Sasha Fae, Shoot #2
Sasha Fae shoot #8
Sasha Fae shoot #13
Sasha Fae shoot #18