All posts for the day January 20th, 2019

Cashier to Tolstoy: “Did you find everything all right?” Tolstoy to Cashier: “Yup…that was part of the problem. :P” Went into a convenience store (“Yellow Mart”, I think) for coffee fixings…walked out with a spaghetti dinner, complete with pot to boil water in. 😛 Boy…it really IS true…go into a store hungry, leave with impulse items you didn’t really need…lol. Least I ate good last night. 😛

Oh, and if you’re looking to binge-watch something good, season 2 of Punisher on NetFlix was awesome…even had some duct tape gag and zip tied hands (no ankle bondage, dammit) on the sexy female lead. Gotta give this one your disillusion, tho…she should’a had that tape gag off either by spitting it off or by ripping it off with her hands-above-her-head bondage; she could’a reached her face easily. :/

Stacie Snow for today.