All posts for the day January 30th, 2019

OMG. I’m doing this blog entry a little bit ahead of time. As you read it, it’s Wednesday…for me right not, it’s Tuesday evening and I just ordered a pizza…

…and did not know the chain I ordered from held your hand as the order makes it’s way through their shop. :/

I ordered it online…and have a status bar for the order open in another tab. I know how the pizza was made, which employee made it…and as I’m typing this, the employee has put the pizza in the oven, which is VERY, VERY hot! He had to use a tool to get the pizza in the oven to avoid burning himself…OUCH! 😛 RIOT…this shit is so outstanding…you just can’t make this up!! 😛 It’s out of the oven and being quality checked…this is better than some TV shows these days…lol. TOO FUNNY!

Anyway…have some Drea Morgan to start your day. 🙂