All posts for the day February 11th, 2019

Well, now. 🙂 Feeling pretty good about myself right now…finally (and I do mean FINALLY) found a copy of “Dawn Of The Dead” on Blu-ray for a decent price…$35 and shipping. Did you notice that I said “decent” there? Fuck me running, I’ve been trying to get that movie on Blu-ray for m-o-n-t-h-s now at a price near to that…the average price on eBay and Amazon ranges between $60-80…

…with one copy still available on Amazon for $169! It’s the last copy too…get it while you can!!! 😛

When this comes in, I’ll finally have the first 4 Romero “Dead” movies all on Blu-ray; color me happy. 🙂 And no, it’s not my normal fare (with me loving sci-fi and action flicks most of all), but “Dawn Of The Dead” is “my” zombie flick…found it at a fairly young age and fell into the fantasy…can you imagine having an entire MALL to yourself? Sign me up…tho the zombies would be a pain in the neck….but at least they’re not the track-star-athlete zombies you find in the “Dead Island” video games (‘nother rant for ‘nother time…).

And yah, I’ve see (own, also) the Zach Snyder remake…it’s a “fail” in my opinion. Just lame.

Someone who isn’t lame? That’d be Hannah Perez…check her out here. 🙂