All posts for the month March, 2019

Just got myself ready for next week. Visitors will be coming to my call center from the company we take calls from…which means the main company reps need to be in “business professional” type clothes; shirt and tie and such…

…meaning, yours truly.

Just got myself a brand new “professional” wardrobe …shirts, pants…and a freaking tie. GAH. Gotta wear the “fancy clothes” Monday through Friday next week…but at least I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. 🙂 OY, the pains which come with a promotion…

Some “little black dress” shots of Magenta for today. 🙂


Feels weird writing this, but happy weekend to me!! 🙂 Yah, I’m off to the next coupl’a days as I settle into my new schedule…Thursday through Monday, with Tuesday and Wednesday off. It’s gonna feel weird going through it, but I’m loving the idea of it…two weekdays off mean I can go to all the shops without having to worry about them being closed for the weekend or having shorter hours and such. 🙂

Anyway…here’s some Sasha Fae!