All posts for the day March 23rd, 2019

Well, fuck.

Good news and bad…if you haven’t noticed on the pages of the blog, my Twitter timeline seems to finally be running the way I want it to…with the latest three tweets featured on the page. 🙂 If you get a section saying that it can’t show the pic…’cuz in the vanilla world that programs these things, bondage iz evil, remember (lol), just click on the “Show Media” button and the pic will be revealed. It used to run like that then stopped…lord only knows why, but I’m glad it’s back. 🙂

Bad news is that according to my buddy Jerry The Badman (of, Drea Morgan won’t be coming out to FetCon this year…traveling expenses and whatnot. Bummer, but I was kind of expecting it. Let’s enjoy some of my work with her!