All posts for the day June 1st, 2019

Sunday marks the 54th year of me…in simpler-speak, it’s my birthday. 🙂 Taking the day for myself and checking out the Godzilla movie…Dave has seen it and gave it rave reviews and says that it delivers as a movie. Thank God for that…with all the focus on Millie Bobby Brown (is that her name?) in the trailers, I thought we were gonna get another spectacle like 2014’s Godzilla movie where for a short time one lost child became the focus for what must’ve been a half hour…

…yah, the focus was WAY more on the humans and not enough on the big fuckin’ lizard tearing things apart…lol. Eight minutes of screen time in your own movie…can you imagine any human actor standing for that? That’s how much screen time the big guy had in that movie…just appalling. Glad to know the same mistake didn’t happen twice.

And they killed off Bryan Cranston too soon. Rant over.

Pantera Noelle from my first ever shoot with her for today.