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I think I need another two days of hibernation…lol. The cold (weakness, stuffed nose, congestion) is gone, but the cough and sore throat…OMG, the cough and sore throat! Mucinex is keeping me quiet and healing me, I believe…just need it to work faster…lol.

Sasha Fae today!


Bleh. I still feel like crap, but am still hungry…that’s always a good sign. Just gotta let the throat heal…

…says the dude who works at a call center. 🙂

Why haven’t I talked about this here yet??? I will be interviewed on a podcast soon!

“ByTheRope” Podcast ( will be interviewing me on Sept. 4th, and it should post to his YouTube channel the same day. If you wanna throw some questions his way, here’s his Twitter: He’s already interviewed Rachel Adams and Mallory Page…go to the YT page and check it out! (Links may not work…copy/paste them into a new browser window.)

CJ Molina for today.