All posts for the day August 9th, 2019

Text only…haven’t started shooting yet; my first shoot of the Con is in about a half hour from typing this. 🙂

So. I can now say I’ve done the “get trapped in an elevator with a lot of people” thing. 🙂 Ugh. One of the three elevators at the hotel was down, so folks were filling the two that were left to over-capacity…and it bit us in the butt. Sixteen of us FetConners (when the elevator limit was 10…lol) were in an elevator together yesterday…it got to the bottom floor, but went a little too much bottom floor (like a couple to three inches below the bottom) and the doors jammed.

Got hot in there in a hurry…and the whole anxiety of possibly being trapped for hours did in fact kick in. We kept the mood light, tho, and joked around a bit, while the body heat of 16 people made it a bit uncomfortably hot.

Fortunately, one of us had a cellular signal, and we called 911. Within minutes (11, to be exact), the fire department had the doors open and us all out. Harrowing experience…and not one I’m willing or wanting to repeat…even if it was 11 minutes long…lol.

I’ll be shooting Anastasia Rose and (surprise!) Vivian Ireene Pierce (last minute addition…she looked so spectacular at the Meet & Greet, I decided it was time to do my second shoot with her) today…more as it happens. 🙂