All posts for the day March 12th, 2020

Buckle up, yo…Tolstoy’s gettin’ wordy here. Kinda heavy subject matter today…

The Coronavirus.

I know this is the LAST place you all come to for bolts of reality, but the fucking thing really hit home for me today and got me thinking…

You all know I’m into gaming. For the past 25 years, that industry puts out a trade show called “E3” where the majors in gaming show off the wares their studios are working on/what games will be taking your money in the upcoming year. I usually catch it from home on YouTube, but I’ve heard it’s open to the general public…when it’s open.

E3 has decided that it’s in the best interests to not hold the show this year. It’s been cancelled. Running strongly for 25 years…cancelled. Hearing about this just made me thoughtful…if a convention like this can be cancelled…could FetCon be far behind? SHOULD it/all conventions be cancelled? I know my last three years running I’ve come home with a cold (poor planning on my part, but still…), this year the threat seems a little deeper.

Ultimately, we’re talking about something 5 months down the line…it’s possible the eggheads working on this may solve it before then. We can only hope so. I’m going to continue on like normal and book my flight somewhere in April/May…I just hope this all gets sorted out before then and this virus gets demolished.

It just came home to me because the 1st case of coronavirus was diagnosed in Pima County (my home county…from what I heard, they caught it early and she’s fine)…and the call center I work at sent out an e-mail gathering information about us as workers…asking us if we as individuals would be willing to work from home if the situation gets more intense. Just got me thoughtful.

Wash your hands, people.