All posts for the day August 5th, 2020

As you all read this, it’s gonna be the 5th…as I write it, it’s 9:30 am on the 4th and I’m a couple hours away from starting my new job…nervousness abounds. 😛 It’s normal…I get the same way when I work with a model for the first time. 😛 I just hope that with this job, I can achieve what I tried to do with the last one…be a cog in the wheel and NOT the wheel.

While not someone the sun set upon at the job, I was in a position of some importance, and I’d rather not be that anymore…I just wanna go to work, clock in, do my 8 hours (hopefully it’s ONLY 8 hours), and log off. Being a Mentor set me up for schedule changes which wound up with my June being 3 six-day weeks because of schedule changes. Fuck that.

Anyway…here’s some Arielle lane.