All posts for the day September 22nd, 2020

So. To my fans that’re also gamers…question. I’m gonna get Cyberpunk 2077 after it’s out for a few months (I don’t like to buy games Day 1), but I just noticed I have a hole in my Resident Evil collection…is Resident Evil 7 worth the purchase price?

It always repelled me that none of the core characters were in that game…seems to have nothing to do with the series…kinda like “Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch” was to Michael Myers. 😛 Buuuut, it’s at a bargain price (like $40 for the base game and all it’s DLC); is it worth it?

PS: The ending with Chris doesn’t count in my book; this RE has none of the RE core characters IN the game. 😛

Darling Nikki for today. 🙂